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  • Eliminating unintended bias in personalized policies using Bias Eliminating Adapted Trees (BEAT)
             Eva Ascarza and Ayelet Israeli
             Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2022) 119(11).
             [Paper] [Web Appendix] [Replication Codes] [Github]

  • Overcoming the Cold Start Problem of CRM using a Probabilistic Machine Learning Approach
             Nicolas Padilla and Eva Ascarza
             Journal of Marketing Research (2021) 58(5), 981-1006.
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • Why You Aren’t Getting More from Your Marketing AI
             Eva Ascarza, Michael Ross, and Bruce G.S. Hardie
             Harvard Business Review (2021) July-August.

  • Retention futility: Targeting high-risk customers might be ineffective
             Eva Ascarza
             Journal of Marketing Research (2018) 55(1), 80–98.
             Winner, 2018 Paul E. Green Award
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • In Pursuit of Enhanced Customer Retention Management: Review, Key Issues, and Future Directions
             Eva Ascarza, Scott A. Neslin, Oded Netzer et al
             Customer Needs and Solutions (2018) 5, 65–81.
             Finalist, 2019 MSI Robert D. Buzzell Best Paper Award

  • Some Customers Would Rather Leave Without Saying Goodbye
             Eva Ascarza, Oded Netzer and Bruce Hardie
             Marketing Science (2017) 37(1), 54–77.
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • Beyond the Target Customer: Social Effects of CRM Campaigns
             Eva Ascarza, Peter Ebbes, Oded Netzer and Matthew Danielson
             Journal of Marketing Research (2017) 54(3), 347–363. (Lead article)
             Finalist, 2017 Paul E. Green Award
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • The perils of proactive churn prevention using plan recommendations: Evidence from a field experiment”
             Eva Ascarza, Raghuram Iyengar and Martin Schleicher
             Journal of Marketing Research (2016) 53(1), 46–60.
             Finalist, 2021 Weitz-Winer-O'Dell Award
             Finalist, 2016 Paul E. Green Award
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • A Joint Model of Usage and Churn in Contractual Settings
             Eva Ascarza and Bruce G.S. Hardie
             Marketing Science. (2013) 32(4), 570–590.
             Winner, 2014 Frank M. Bass Outstanding Dissertation Award
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • When Talk is Free: The Effect of Tariff Structure on Usage under Two and Three-Part Tariffs”
             Eva Ascarza, Anja Lambrecht and Naufel Vilcassim
             Journal of Marketing Research (2012) 49(6), 882–899.
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]


  • Marketing Models for the Customer-Centric Firm”
             Eva Ascarza, Peter S. Fader, and Bruce G.S. Hardie
             Handbook of Marketing Decision Models (2017), edited by Berend Wierenga and Ralf van der Lans, Springer.


  • Research: When A/B Testing Doesn’t Tell You the Whole Story
             Eva Ascarza
             Harvard Business Review Online (June 23, 2021) [Link]

  • Beyond Pajamas: Sizing Up the Pandemic Shopper
             Ayelet Israeli, Eva Ascarza and Laura Castrillo
             Working Knowledge (March 17, 2021) [Link]


  • Detecting Routines in Ride-sharing: Implications For Customer Management
             Ryan Dew, Eva Ascarza, Oded Netzer, and Nachum Sicherman.
             Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Marketing Research.

  • The Twofold Effect of Customer Retention in Freemium Settings
             Eva Ascarza, Oded Netzer and Julian Runge

  • The Customer Journey as a Source of Information
             Nicolas Padilla, Eva Ascarza and Oded Netzer


  • “Less is More: When Short-term Signals are More Valuable than Long-term Outcomes in Targeting” coauthored with Ta-Wei Huang.

  • “The Cost of Fairness in Personalized Policies” coauthored with Ayelet Israeli.

  • “Leveraging Repeated Marketing Interventions for Effective Targeting/Personalization” coauthored with Peter Ebbes and Oded Netzer.

  • “Managing Multiple Causes of Churn” coauthored with Oded Netzer, Jake An and Hengyu Kuang.

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