Eva Ascarza

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  • Padilla, Nicolas and Eva Ascarza (2019), "The Value of First Impressions: Leveraging Acquisition Data for Customer Management."         


  • Ascarza, Eva (2018), "Retention futility: Targeting high-risk customers might be ineffective"”
             Journal of Marketing Research 55(1), 80–98.
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • Ascarza, Eva, Oded Netzer and Bruce Hardie (2017), "Some Customers Would Rather Leave Without Saying Goodbye"”
             Marketing Science 37(1), 54–77.
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • Ascarza, Eva, Scott A. Neslin, Oded Netzer, Zachery Anderson, Peter S. Fader, Sunil Gupta, Bruce G.S. Hardie, Aurélie Lemmens, Barak Libai, David Neal, Foster Provost, Rom Schrift (2017), "In Pursuit of Enhanced Customer Retention Management: Review, Key Issues, and Future Directions."
             Customer Needs and Solutions 5, 65–81.

  • Ascarza, Eva, Peter Ebbes, Oded Netzer and Matthew Danielson (2017), "Beyond the Target Customer: Social Effects of CRM Campaigns”."
             Journal of Marketing Research 54(3), 347–363. (Lead article)
             Finalist, 2017 Paul E. Green Award
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • Ascarza, Eva, Raghuram Iyengar and Martin Schleicher (2016), “"The perils of proactive churn prevention using plan recommendations: Evidence from a field experiment."”
             Journal of Marketing Research 53(1), 46–60.
             Finalist, 2016 Paul E. Green Award
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • Ascarza, Eva and Bruce G.S. Hardie (2013), “"A Joint Model of Usage and Churn in Contractual Settings."
             Marketing Science. 32(4), 570–590.
             Winner, 2014 Frank M. Bass Outstanding Dissertation Award
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]

  • Ascarza, Eva, Anja Lambrecht and Naufel Vilcassim (2012),“"When Talk is “Free”: The Effect of Tariff Structure on Usage under Two and Three-Part Tariffs."”
             Journal of Marketing Research 49(6), 882–899.
             [Paper] [Web Appendix]


  • Ascarza, Eva, Peter S. Fader, and Bruce G.S. Hardie (2017), "Marketing Models for the Customer-Centric Firm"”
             Forthcoming at the Handbook of Marketing Decision Models, edited by Berend Wierenga and Ralf van der Lans, Springer.

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